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Business Transaction Advisory Services

Finance Expert for Outcome-Based Financing

Provide options on how best to leverage the committed funding within the Outcomes-based structure;

Knar review and provide structured feedback on all documents and inputs received from external financing entity on the outcomes-based structure and role and responsibilities of agencies;

Provide technical support on behalf of the client (International Agencies ) to the external organization designing the OBA structure;

Review all documents produced by the external entity for technical soundness and provide feedback on the likelihood of execution/implementation;

We identify and engage key investors, funders, and grant providers in order to pilot the Outcomes-based approach in at least 2 pilot countries;

· Work closely w/ UN Women Second Chance Education Programme Team at global and country levels as well as the Sustainable finance team, providing regular inputs and feedback on progress;

· Conduct monthly progress meetings with the Senior Advisor for Sustainable Finance and the other relevant teams. Based on their caliber and professional experience incomparable types of projects with various clients, our assignment key individuals would be able to demonstrate great performance regarding the assignments.

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