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Accounting, and IFRS  Consultation

The rate of change in accounting standards (IFRS,IPSAS and GAAP) has reached previously unheard-of levels, and the new rules are getting increasingly complex. Analysts, investors, and regulators have never been more focused on the quality and integrity of reported financial results, and financial reporting institutions are also under increasing pressure to embrace new, complicated accounting and disclosure standards in a timely manner .

Our consulting team is set up to help clients with the study, interpretation, and application of new accounting standards.

· Our team now includes specialist in the following fields:

· Financial management and accounting supervision

· Physical inventory and fixed asset count.

· Conversion from cash to accrual accounting

·  Mergers and acquisitions, goodwill, and intangibles

· Recognized in the income statement and the statement of financial position.

Full payroll  and tax filling for medium and big organization

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